Video appunto: Beekeeping


Beekeeping is the term for raising bees. The person who does so is a beekeeper. Beekeepers collect honey from the beehives, and they may transport their hives, or the home of the bees, to apple orchards or strawberry fields, so the bees can help to pollinate the plants.
Beekeepers run the risk of being stung when they remove the honeycombs from the hives, so they wear protective clothing.

In the movie, Ulee's Gold, Peter Fonda plays Ulee, a beekeeper who transports his hives to orchards to help pollinate the fruit trees. Gold refers to the honey.
Beekeepers have faced a serious challenge in recent years, as bees have been dying for reasons unknown. As a result, plants that rely on bees for pollination to produce fruit have had poor yields. Bees, like hummingbirds, can hover, or remain in one place while beating their wings. Bees do this to collect nectar, which is the sweet liquid from flowers, from plants to take it back to the hive to make honey.
Not only climate conditions, but pollination affects some plants. When either the weather is too extreme or pollination does not occur, the amount of the produce will suffer.
If you have ever watched a bee hover over a flower, you have seen it collecting nectar, a liquid that it takes back to the hive to help make honey. The type of plant visited by the bees in a hive can change the flavor of the honey.