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Eco-friendly is an adjective that describes something that is not harmful to the environment.
Bernadette always brings reusable bags when she shops because she knows that cloth bags are more eco-friendly than plastic ones.
Some environmentalists are concerned that the term eco-friendly has been so overused that consumers no longer know what it means.
They point out that it can have many meanings, from non¬toxic to made from recycled materials to sustainably grown.
Going green means the process of changing one's lifestyle or practices by making more environmentally friendly and ecologically conscious decisions.
Going green doesn't just help the environment; it can also help people save money by cutting back on electricity and waste.
Those who are serious about going green should take stock of their entire lives and realize that recycling more is just the beginning.


Sustainable is used to describe something that can last or continue for a long time or that can be used without being destroyed. When speaking about the environment, sustainable means involving methods that do not completely use up or destroy natural resources. It can be a synonym for eco-friendly.
Miranda has been working 12 hour days and partying every night with her friends. Clearly that lifestyle is not sustainable; she needs to get more rest or she'll eventually have a breakdown.
Farmers who practice sustainable agriculture recycle crop waste, use renewable water sources, and refrain from using chemical fertilizers.
One type of sustainable energy is renewable energy, which refers to energy generated from natural sources that replenish themselves, like the sun or the wind.
Sustainable energy includes both renewable energy, like solar, wind¬powered, and geothermal energy, and methods to make non¬renewable energy sources more efficient.
One country that has been a pioneer in developing renewable energy resources is Germany, which has installed large wind turbines in the middle of the North Sea.
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