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To disappoint someone means to do or say something that gives them a sad, unpleasant feeling. Usually, a person will feel disappointed when another person does not meet their expectations or behave in a way they think they should not behave.
Ex: I hated to disappoint my mom, but I just did not feel good enough to go shopping with her. I told her I would take her shopping as soon as I felt better.
Ex: Sarah was so disappointed when she heard it would rain today. She was planning to take her boat out to the lake and go fishing.
The opposite of disappointing someone is to meet their expectations. When you meet someone's expectations, you do exactly what they want or think you should do. In this way, their expectations are met, and everyone is happy.
Ex: Josh really met my expectations when he proposed to me in the moonlight on the water. I had always wanted someone to ask me to marry them while we were outside enjoying nature.
Ex: I had waited over 20 years to visit the historic sites in Rome. When I finally saw the Roman Colosseum, my expectations were met by the beauty and size of the historic structure.


To betray someone means to act in a cruel way to someone you are close to. You can betray a friend or family member by telling their secret or acting in a way that causes them harm or pain.
Ex: We were all surprised when Josh decided to betray his own country. He gave away military secrets to the enemy for the promise of a million pounds.
Ex: Catherine was extremely angry with her best friend Cyndi. Cyndi betrayed her by telling the whole class that Catherine had never kissed a boy in her life.
When someone betrays someone they are close to, their actions are described as a betrayal. Usually, the word betrayal is only used in very serious situations.
Ex: One of the biggest acts of betrayal I have ever heard of is marrying someone your best friend is in love with. After doing something like this, the friendship is almost impossible to fix.
Ex: Mike is still healing from the betrayal he experienced last year. His own brother fired him from the family company and refused to share any of the profits with him.
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