Video appunto: Reverse and Swerve


Reverse means to move backward in a car or to make the car go backwards. You can also use it as a noun without changing the meaning. For example, in the phrase put something in reverse.
Ex: Mark reversed the van into the loading bay so that he could pick up the consignment of strawberries they had to deliver to Bristol.

Ex: Jane looked behind her carefully and then put the car in reverse and moved slowly backwards. Her father had taught her to be cautious when backing out of a parking space.
Reverse can be used to refer to something changing or going in an opposite or contrary direction. This can also be used as a verb or a noun.
Ex: Harriet's father reversed his decision and let her go to college a year early. He was convinced by her responsible behavior that she could handle it.
Ex: Timothy's reaction to the news of his promotion was the reverse of what we expected. Rather than being happy about it, he kept asking why the boss would do that to him.


To swerve is to change direction suddenly, especially to avoid hitting something. If you were driving in the left lane and moved abruptly to the right, you would be swerving.
Ex: The driver of the truck swerved to avoid a deer which ran out into the middle of the road. He was fortunate that no other cars were on the road at the time.
Ex: The man started falling asleep at the steering wheel of his car. He was startled awake again by the sound of a horn, and swerved to miss an oncoming car.
Swerve can be used in a figurative way to say your thoughts, actions, or principles move from their starting point. In this sense, you can also use the phrase be swerving, or be unswerving for negative meanings.
Ex: He was unswerving in his determination to become a pilot. He studied planes from when he was young, then joined the RAF and learned to fly, reaching his goal.
Ex: The teacher tells the class her rules on the first day of school, and she never swerves from them. If any student breaks a rule, he or she is quickly warned not to let it happen again.