Video appunto: Hollow and Hole


Something described as hollow is empty inside. To hollow or to hollow out is to scoop out or carve out the insides of something.
We hollowed out a large pumpkin to make a Halloween lantern. Then we carved a face in it before putting a candle inside.
Hollow logs were used as drums to help jungle residents communicate with each other from great distances.
Each sound had a specific meaning.
A hollow victory is one that has no real significance. In addition, hollow is another word for valley.
The Reform Act of 1832 won the right to vote for women in England. The act was a hollow victory, however, as it would not be until after the First World War that most women were able to vote in practice.
American country singer, Loretta Lynn, wrote and recorded a song about Butcher Hollow, the town where she was born. It sits in a valley in Kentucky.


A hole is an opening through something. A hole is a flaw or weakness in a defense or an argument.
We found a small hole in the wall that explained why we have squirrels in the attic. We were surprised to see how small a hole they needed to invade our home.
You may think that your argument is sound, but there are several large holes in your logic. You need more evidence.
Money can burn a hole in your pocket, meaning that, if you have some money, you can't wait to spend it. If you are in the hole, you are in debt.
My brother got his first part¬time job last summer because he wants to save money to buy a car. That's not likely to happen, because money burns a hole in his pocket. He spends it as fast as he earns it.
I love Christmas and always buy lovely gifts for my friends and family. I spend more money than I should and find myself in the hole and unable to pay my bills in January.