Video appunto: Spring and Skip


To rise or leap suddenly and swiftly is to spring. You can spring to your feet from a sitting position. It can also mean to arise from a source. For example, Romance languages like French and Spanish spring from Latin.
When the New England Patriots won the Super Bowl for the first time with Tom Brady as quarterback, Kurt sprang from the sofa and danced around the living room.

Much discussion springs from Darwin's ideas about evolution. Many think that he was trying to confuse people.
One might say about an elderly person, he's no spring chicken meaning he is not young anymore. Someone might say hope springs eternal about another person's belief that something unlikely to happen will occur.
My grandfather was no spring chicken when he married for the third time. He was eighty years old, and his new bride was just thirty.
When Bob assured his mother that he would pass his driver's test despite his past failures, all she could say was, Hope springs eternal.


To skip is to move in a light, springy way. Skipping can only be done when you're happy. If you skip a chapter in a book, you have omitted reading it.
Grace was so pleased with her report card that she skipped all the way home after school. All of her neighbors could see how happy she was.
Because Tom skipped chapter two of the reading assignment, he was unable to answer half of the questions on the test.
When you are startled in either a good or bad way, your heart might figuratively skip a beat. Avoiding an obligation is skipping out on it.
When Frank caught his first glimpse of his bride walking down the aisle of the church, his heart skipped a beat. She looked so beautiful, and soon she would be his wife.
In the movie, Runaway Bride, Julia Roberts played a young woman who skipped out on her wedding at the last minute several times before finally marrying the right man.