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Bar is used several ways in relation to computers. It is a box, longer than it is wide, which gives you choices. For example, a scroll bar appears on the side of a page when the page is too large to be displayed all at once in the window. The scroll bar allows you to go up and down the page. Or a menu bar contains options for the program you’re working on.
It typically has file options such as save, view, and edit.
Ex: Hannah thought that the page that she was looking at was cut off, until she realised there was a scroll bar on the side so that she could scroll down to read more.
Ex: This programme has a menu bar with a paint option. If you click on the paint option, it lets you choose the colour you want and the size of brush you want to paint with.
In its original usage, a bar is long rod or stiff piece of wood, metal, or another material. It can be used to fasten things.
Ex: Farmer Anderson told us that the long metal bar across the barn door kept it closed against the strong spring winds, and that even his strongest horse could not break through it.
Ex: The park ranger put a bar across the entrance to the cave to let people know it was closed for the day.


Tabs are buttons that appear on the bar that allow you to browse multiple pages in one window or multiple pages in a document. They're useful if you want to view several websites or pages, but don't want to have multiple windows or documents open. A tab is also a button on the keyboard that if you press it moves several spaces along the same line.
Ex: Let's open up the tab with your document and examine it and then we'll open the tab with my document so that we can compare the two.
Ex: Wesley, you can close all the open tabs in the browser except for the one that I'm working on right now. Please don't close any tabs I'm working on without asking.
A tab is also a small flap of material
attached to something else and sticking out or hanging off of it, used as a place to hold an object, or to identify it. A plastic tab can be attached to luggage for you to write you name and address on to identify it.
Ex: Mrs. Kissinger told me that the folder with the green and black tab on it had all the information I needed to begin to plan my courses for the year, so I took it home with me.
Ex: It took me some time to figure out how to open the package correctly. I needed to hold the tab in the top right corner and pull the covering off.
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