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If you agree with someone, you are accepting their ideas or opinions. When you and another person or group of people agree on something, it means you agree on a specific decision, such as the terms to a deal, contract, job proposal, or even a governmental bill or law. If you agree on an action that needs to be taken, you agree to do something.

Ex: After a three hour meeting, the politicians agreed on a new pact to increase the hourly pay of low income employees such as waiters, cashiers, and restaurant dishwashers.
Ex: James and Sarah agreed to postpone their wedding after they found out there would be a big storm in town on the day they had planned to get married.
Ex: The high¬school principal and teachers agreed to make a new rule regarding the student dress code. Most teachers agreed with the principal that shorts should not be tolerated at school.
The noun agreement can be used in the same way as the verb agree. For example, one person can make an agreement with another to show that they share the same goals or opinions about an issue.
Ex: As best friends for life, Sarah and Nikki made an agreement with each other to apply for the same university and live in the same town after graduation. They even wanted to both be doctors.
Ex: After realizing that he had to lower the price on his jewelry if he wanted to make a sale, Mike made an agreement with his customer to sell a diamond necklace for $600, which was $200 less than the original price.
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