Mark: hello!
Lucy: hi!
Mark: what's your name?
Lucy: my name's Lucy. And what's your name?
Mark: my name's Mark. Nice to meet you! Where are you from?
Lucy: nice my! I'm from London. And you?
Mark: I'm from Greece. It's a beautiful city London: I'm been there last year!
What are you doing at Naples?
Lucy: I'm studying Languages at university thanks to the project Erasmus. And you?
Mark: I'm a student of science. I'm attend the same university of you. It's a good thing!
Lucy: you are here and we can't never seen? It's a strange case!
Mark: perhaps we have other things to think!
Lucy: It's true! I have no time for going oit with friends because I studying a lot.
Mark: I believe you! It's more difficult studying languages for you?
Lucy: no, because I speak also English and it's more simple for me.
Mark: I don't speak English very well and I search a person to learn. Can you do it?

Lucy: It's more difficult search a time for you. If you give me the number, I do know!
Mark: ok! My number is: three-eight-nine-one-zero-two-six-nine-zero-nine.
Lucy: oh good! When you have the English test?
Mark: the next month.
Lucy: there's a lot of time!
Mark: where did you live?
Lucy: I'm staying at the student's house near the university. And you?
Mark: I live with my parents in a small house opposite the bank, i.e. between the supermarket and the post office.
Lucy: ok. See you.
Mark: bye bye!

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