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Dialogue: Because of a few hooligans!

Dave: I heard about the riots in Birmingham town centre before the match against Aston Villa on Saturday. Did you two have any trouble?

Shane: No, thank goodness! Our coach arrived after the trouble had started. So the police made us drive to a big coach park in the suburbs and wait there. There were lots of other Chelsea supporters there, too.

Dave: Was it for the usual security checks?

Diane: Not really, I mean, they didn’t search us. They didn’t make us open our bags, either. They just checked our names.

Shane: But they didn’t let anybody go into the town centre. It was a shame’cos Di and I wanted to have a look round the town and get something to eat. We were starving.

Dave: Didn’t they let you leave the coach park, then?

Diane: Yes. But there were no decent eating places round there, only a small pub.

Shane: Yeah. We got them to make some sandwiches for us. Di was so hungry she ate six sandwiches and two doughnuts!

Diane: Nice of you to count them for me!

Dave: What about after the match?

Shane: That was almost as bad. We weren’t allowed to leave the stadium till all the local supporters had left.

Diane: It’s typical, isn’t it? All because of a handful of hooligans!

Shane: Yeah, but beat’em two-nil! It was such a brilliant match that it was worth it!

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