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[Dialogue: Listen and speak

Mrs Fleming: Hello

Justin: Hello. Is that Mrs Fleming?

Mrs Fleming: Yes, it is.

Justin: Hello, Mrs Fleming. My name’s Justin Ball from the Hotel and Travel Guide. We’re
Doing some market research for our guidebook.

Mrs Fleming: I see.

Justin: Now you were a guest at The Eagle Hotel recently. Is that correct?

Mrs Fleming: Yes.

Justin: Can I ask you a few questions about the hotel?

Mrs Fleming: Yes, of course.

Justin: Thank you. When were you at The Eagle?

Mrs Fleming: Oh, it was in April.

Justin: April. And how many nights were you there?

Mrs Fleming: Three nights.

Justin: Were you on your own?

Mrs Fleming: No, I wasn’t. I was with my husband.

Justin: Thank you. Now, can I ask you first about the staff at the hotel? Were they

Mrs Fleming: Yes, they were, and they were very helpful.

Justin: What about the room? Was it very good, good, OK, or not very good?

Mrs Fleming: Our room was OK. It was a bit noisy because it was next to the lift, but it was very
clean. Yes, it was OK.

Justin: What about the restaurant?

Mrs Fleming: It was very good. The food was excellent.

Justin: Was there a swimming pool at the hotel?

Mrs Fleming: Yes, there was. There was a gym, too, but it was very small.

Justin: Was there a sauna?

Mrs Fleming: No, there wasn’t.

Justin: And what were the gym and the swimming pool like?

Mrs Fleming: I don’t know about the gym. We didn’t use it. The swimming pool was good. It was
big. But it wasn’t open until half past nine in the morning.

Justin: I see. So in general what was your opinion of the hotel?

Mrs Fleming: Oh, erm, good I think. I can’t say very good, but it was good.

Justin: Thank you very much, Mrs Fleming. That’s very helpful. Goodbye.

Mrs Fleming: Goodbye.

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