A direct speech between a travel agent and a tourist to choose a perfect holiday summer for the traveller.

Good morning, I’m Matteo, and I love to make special trip. I would like to make a fantastic holiday this summer, but I don’t know where to spend my holiday. What kind of holiday do you recommend? Barcellona or an other place? I would like to go to Barcellona because I think that It is a special city and because there are some beaches and a beautiful sea but I also think that an other place like Val Di Sole is a beautiful resort. In your opinion what is the best place to spend two weeks? Yes, I also think that it’s a good idea. How can arrive to Barcellona? Yesterday I surfed on the net to find a fantastic hotel near the centre of Barcellona and I have some money to spend for an expensive hotel. But I don’t know which are the accommodations for an expensive hotel. Which hotel do you recommend? Yes I like this hotel because there a lot of accommodations. In fact there are also a lot of activities, that including sports activities and visit some monuments and I like they. I’m very interested to visit this city. What do you recommend? Which are the tourist attractions that do you recommend? and lastly, what do you recommend to bring for this trip? thanks for the consultation and I think you're one of the best travel agents

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