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Present simple of to be: I am, you is, he is, she is, we are, you are, they are.

Il verbo To be sostituisce altri verbi italiani: to be hungry (avere fame) Are you hungry? Here are some sandwiches.

Esercizio n.1 Completa con il present simple di to be.

I am a foreign student. My friend John is Australian. The question is easy. Are they at work now? The Rolling Stones are English! My first language is Italian. The cinema is round the corner. New York is called the Big Apple. I am absolutely right! She is thirteen. Bob and you. Are always on time! She is from San Diego, California. We are teenagers. Robert and Sheila are always late! Margaret is good at Maths. That book is boring.

Esercizio n.2 Volgi le frasi dell’esercizio n.2 alla forma negativa e alla forma interrogativa.

I am not a foreign student. My friend John is not Australian. The question is not easy. they are not at work now. The Rolling Stones are not English! My first language is not Italian. The cinema is not round the corner. New York is not called the Big Apple.

Am I absolutely right? Is she thirteen? Are you and Bob always on time? Is she from San Diego, California? Are we teenagers? Are Robert and Sheila always late? Is Margaret good at Maths? Is that book boring?

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