Video appunto: Phrasal verbs and asking basic questions
Phrasal verbs
• Figure something out: to deduce, to reason, to work out.
Could you figure out how long it will take for the medication to have some effect?
• To fit in with: calzare, essere compatibile con, essere comparabili con;
• Follow up: to pursue, to investigate further. Ho curato il paziente ma faccio un follow up per vedere se va tutto bene
• To get back to: to return to an activity or person after an interruption or distraction;
• To get by: to manage with, to survive with, siamo ok, ci barcameniamo con ciò che abbiamo;
• To get on with: to continue o to work well with, to have a good relationship with.

Asking basic questions
What can I do for you?
What’s brought you along today?
What seems to be the problem?
Starting the interview
How are you?
How is your health generally?
What is your general health like?
Is your sense of .. normal?
Asking about the problem
Main site
Where does it hurt? Where is it sore?
Which part of your.. is affected?
Could you show me where it hurts?
Radiation (spread)
Where does it start?
Does it move or change location?
Does it go anywhere else?
Can you describe the pain?
What kind of pain is it?
Precipitating factors/trigger
Does anything bring it/them on?
Have you noticed any problems when ..?
Do you have any problem/trouble when? ( in sti due si usare verbo in -ing
What effect does .. have?