Video appunto: Dare brutte notizie

Phrasal verbs e dare brutte notizie

Phrasal verbs
• to pick up: comprendere, capire;
• to put something down to: attribuire, assegnare
Put (irregular verb) something down to: to
attribute, to assign, to be caused by
“He put these surprising data down to imperfect
“Although the patient’s recovery was put down to a
miracle, I think it is more likely that the cancer was
successfully removed during surgery.
” Anche se la guarigione è stata attribuita a un miracolo, è oiù probabile sia guarito per l’intervento;
• to put something off/off something: ritardare, posticipare;
• to put someone through: to connect to, mettere in contatto;
• to reel something off/off something: parlare, ascoltare o ripetere molto velocemnente e facilmente;
• to round something off/off something: calcolare un numero senza decimali o con pochi decimali oppure abbreviare, finire qualcosa.
Dare brutte notizie al paziente
I’m sorry to have to tell you that;
This can’t be easy for you;
This must be really difficult
Bisogna anche dare Speranza: there’e still a lot we can do, we still have some options
Dare brutte notizie alla famiglia
I am afraid the news is not good
Unfortunately, the situation has taken a turn for the worse
Speigare cosa è_ it is a case of, I believe it is
Essere empatico
I know it’s not easy to hear this