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Honourable chair, Madame Secretary general

We are the delegates of the Irish Republic and we are honoured to represent our country, but we are more honoured to take part with the other countries in the effort to improve the safeguard of water resources and the rights to the pursuit of happiness of all mankind without any discrimination based on race and much less on sexual orientation.

Today we can stay here to exalt our country for the huge progress reached in both these topics such as:
- "The Employment Equality Amendment Bill" (2008) or "Civil partnership" that make possible the respect of the basic international rights about the equality and liberty and security of person.
- Or the great attention to UE regulations about the use and the recovery of water through the adjustment to each point of the directives.

But it is not our target.

Today we are here, depositories of a n immense power, conferred us by all mankind, and legitimated in this assembly , to make a further attempt to stimulate our feeling of solidarity and cooperation in fact if we are here together it it because none alone can solve the problems of all mankind.
We won't be developers of a regressive argol if though, deaf and blind, that is a prejudice to our country. We want to introduce the sacredness of our morals into the dense network of international relationship.

We are going to fight in the front line to ensure the fundamental right to satisfaction of the minimum requirement of water and the right to love and be loved regardless of sexual orientation. And we trust we will win this battle on the international stage as we had already done on the national stage.
If we admit that the strongest can dominate the minority and even deprive them of the basic resources; in what we make us different from animals? If we admit that, we probably would have to fight in the future against the same abuses that we had dealt in the past.
We won't be blind and deaf to these problems, and we are of course opened to a collaboration in the respect of the different cultures and national sovereignty.

Thank you for your kind attention.
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