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My family and I love to watch documentaries. We have watched tons of documentaries about everything from the revolution to modern writers. We are also interested in reading anything nonfiction. If a documentary is revolutionary, it really sparks my interest. I love when new writers and directors come on the scene and put together a really great documentary. Other day I was talking to one of my friends and he recommended a new documentary that he said was revolutionary. The film was the director's first film; although he had directed plays before. I think that the directing was pretty well-done and that the writing was excellent. The ideas expressed by the writer were really refreshing and sparkling. A documentary does not have a fictional plot, the director's vision is the most important part of a documentary, although the writing is also very important. I think that directors that make documentaries are very admirable. It is easy to make a film if you have millions or billions of dollars; but documentaries usually count on donations to fund their movies. It is a lot more difficult for a documentary to have the money to finish the project. I saw in the newspaper that the director will be at a university near our house next month and I am thinking about make a donation for an environmentalist documentary.

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