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The word reserves refers to money or other valuables that are put aside and can be turned into cash if necessary. It is usually a company or government that puts this type of asset on hold for emergencies. However, the word reserves can refer to anything that is stored for future needs.
If the homeless shelter did not receive enough donations, they were willing to use their food reserves to make sure that their clients were fed.
Many companies have reserves in case they encounter an unexpected lawsuit. This ensures that the daily operations of the business will not be disturbed.
The word reserves can also be used to talk about a piece of land that is public. The land is set aside for a specific reason.
Some states have forest reserves to prevent the lumber industry from cutting down too many trees for manufacturing.
The United Kingdom government has land reserves across the country that are designated for public parks. They are an important community resource.


The border is the line dividing two geographical or political places. For example, the border between the US and Mexico is in the center of the Rio Grande. The border may also be the area very near this line. Someone who lives in south Texas lives on the border with Mexico.
I'm English, but I grew up on the border with Scotland, so my accent sounds rather Scottish to some people.
My hometown is on the Mexican border, so I grew up hearing a lot of Spanish and eating a lot of delicious Mexican food. Sometimes, we'd even go south of the border and go shopping at the Mexican markets in the nearest border town.
To go from one side of the border to another is called crossing the border. We use to border on figuratively to mean something is similar to or almost like another thing.
When we crossed the border, the customs official took my avocados and apricots away and explained that you cannot take fresh fruit across the border.
Her house is so big, it borders on being a mansion. I can't imagine how she manages to clean all those different rooms.

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