Video appunto: Obtain and Resource


To obtain something is to get or acquire it, usually associated with effort or action. You can obtain something by buying it or earning it. For example, you can obtain an education through study or obtain your first home by working hard.
In order to obtain a degree with honors, you must distinguish your work from the others around you in both quality and depth.

My grandparents spent a lot of time explaining to us grandchildren how to obtain a good reputation through reliability and honesty. They always reminded us of the importance of having a good name.
A similar word to obtain is attain. While obtain emphasizes the idea of possession or something you have gotten such as a degree, attain places the emphasis on the effort or action it took to get it, such as in the effort it took to get the degree. The sample sentences emphasize the difference between the two words.
Before I was able to obtain my own home, I had to attain other goals, such as finding a steady job and having a significant amount of money in the bank.
Before I could attain the right to enter the country on a medical aid trip, I had to obtain a record of all of my immunizations for the paperwork to be approved.


The word resource refers to help that can be called on whenever it is needed. This could be a supply of an item or items or the support of a person or people.
We should use the resources we have in the classroom. If the glue bottle is empty or we have no paper left, then we can buy more supplies.
My mother has been an invaluable resource. She takes a no nonsense approach to any problem I bring her to solve.
Resource can also mean money or items of value. It can also refer to the way a country gains wealth or the wealth that it already has.
We need to combine our resources and buy a Christmas gift for our math professor. If we have enough money I will handle the shopping.
Some countries acquire resources by allowing states to set up multiple speed traps to stop vehicles that are driving too fast. The fines from the speeding tickets go to the government.