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Medicine may be divided into:
• Brand medicine: usually produced by pharmaceutical companies and patented in order to give the developer exclusive right to produce them; they cost more than generic medicine;
• Generic medicine: drugs that are not patent or whose patent has expired and may be produced or copied by other companies without restrictions.

Orphan disease=disease effecting fewer than 200000 citizens in the USA or having less than 5% prevalence in the community
LADME describes the pharmacokinetic properties and disposition of a pharmaceutical compound within an organism:
• Liberation: manner of release of a drug from its dosage form
• Absorption: movement of the medication into and throughout the bloodstream, absorption through the skin, intestine and oral mucosa
• Distribution: the way substances spread and are dispersed or disseminated throughout the body
• Metabolism: chemical conversion of medication into metabolites within the body
• Excretion: the way the medication is eliminated and removed from the body; it may occur through the kidney, bladder, feces or lungs and skin
Shoulder blade (scapola)
Elbow/arm joint (gomito)
Thumb (pollice)
Calf (polpaccio)
Shin (stinco)
Heel (tallone)
Toe (dita dei piedi)
Liver (fegato)
Kidneys (reni)
Bladder (vescica)
Gall bladder (cistifellea)