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Make a mess

When you make a mess, you do something that causes disorder. You will often hear this phrase
followed by the word of when it appears before a specific noun or pronoun. Make a mess of indicates
that you have brought disorder, confusion, or a negative result to a place or situation.
Ex: You may fingerpaint if you want to, but do not make a mess and forget to clean it up.
Last time
you forgot to do that.

Ex:A false alarm can trigger a building's sprinkler system, which will make a mess that the owner
must repair.

Ex:Leave the hamburgers on the grill until they have seared; removing them too early will only make a
mess of them.

Ex:I realised that by continually bringing up the past, I would make a mess of my relationship and
cause tension between my boyfriend and me.

The phrase make a mess of can also be used to indicate that one is making
a large amount of something.

Ex: If you are going to invite all the boys to the camp-out next week, you
will need to make a mess of pulled pork. These boys have a huge
appetite, and they will be especially hungry after a day of hiking in the

Ex: Since I knew that my peers were coming over to study for our final
exam, my sister and I got together and made a mess of snacks for what
would turn out to be an all-night study session.