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A wire is a thin piece of metal thread that can be used to carry electricity. When you refer to something's wiring, you are talking about the system of wires in a structure or device.
Ex: If you notice that an electrical cord has worn to the point where the wire is visible, you should dispose of the cord immediately to avoid risk of shock or fire.
Ex: My husband tackles a lot of home improvement projects, but thankfully he knows his limitations. He will not attempt to do any wiring in our home, since the task is very intricate and a mistake can have serious consequences.
The expression down to the wire means that something is very close to the deadline or time limit. If you wait until the last minute to do something, you are down to the wire.
Ex: I wish I would learn from my past experiences, but last night I was up until almost two o'clock in the morning finishing a paper that was due today. Though I wish it were not so, I am usually down to the wire on end of semester projects.
Ex: My brother managed to get all of his expenses paid with the money he had set aside before leaving on his international journey, but it was really down to the wire, since he had not budgeted for any contingencies.


Current is the flow of electricity along a circuit. The amount of energy flowing in a circuit at any one point is the current, or measure of electricity.
Ex: The science teacher explained to the students the difference between two types of current - alternating and direct.
Ex: A circuit breaker is designed to disrupt the current of electricity when a circuit is about to be overloaded.
When something is current, it means it is up-to-date, or that it reflects what is happening now. The current episode of a television show, for example, is the latest episode.
Ex: With the advent of the Internet, it is easier than ever to keep up with current events. You can access the news on your phone, tablet, or e-reader 24 hours a day.
Ex: Jerry asked his accountant to make sure that all of his financial records were current for the year, as he expected to be audited soon.
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