Video appunto: Candidate and Bid


A candidate is someone who is being considered for a job, position, or responsibility. When an employer or manager has a vacancy, they try to find candidates for the position.
Jim thought he was the perfect candidate for the sales job because of his experience in business. However, another candidate with more experience was offered the job.

There were so many candidates for the office manager position that it took the company over two months to make a decision on who to hire.
A person applying for a position would express their candidacy by telling other people about their goal. Also, when a politician runs for political office, his effort to gain power is called a candidacy.
Charles went on the local news channel to announce his candidacy for a local government office. He shared his qualifications and life experience that made him want the position.
After working at the private law firm for five years, Mike decided it was time to express his candidacy for the position of partner.


When you make a bid on a product or service, you offer a certain price to buy it. Also, a candidate for a specific job or role can make a bid to the company he or she wants to work with.
Sarah bought her new car at auction last week. She made a bid of $5000 and won it in less than an hour.
When the chairperson of the hospital decided to quit, five of the lead doctors made a bid to fill the open position.
When making a bid on a product, service, or job, the highest bidder is usually the person who wins. The highest bidder is the one who offers to pay the most money.
John would only sell his grandmother's favourite diamond necklace to the highest bidder. The couple that won the necklace had offered to buy it for £500.
I wanted the new television so bad I was the first one to make a bid. However, the next bidder offered to pay twice the price and was the highest bidder in the end. I was very disappointed.