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Example of Letter of Invitation

Hello Mr Xxx,

I’m an event manager at the xxxcitynamexxx youth sports club and I'm writing to you to invite you to give a talk at our club during a dedicated event that will take place in conjunction with the European championship hosted by our city.

The event will be organized on the day after your scheduled competition so as not to interfere with your performance and you could give your talk at the time which is more suitable for you.
Travel to and from your location can be organized by our club.

We would expect there to be about a hundred kids of an age comprised between 12 and 20, many accompanied by their parents. The event would consist of an afternoon of outdoor games followed by barbeque and buffet. The general idea is for the evening to culminate with your speech, unless you would rather give it sooner. Of course, you would be welcomed to join us at any time.

The kids are involved in different sports, from swimming to athletic and to team-games such as basketball and volleyball. Having a renowned Olympic champion talking to them would be very inspiring for them and the best stimulus to begin the new sporting season with purpose and liveliness.

We would be very grateful and pride if you decided accept our invitation.

Yours sincerely,
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