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True athletes have to be in tip top prime condition in order to compete. Athletes that want to participate in the Olympics or world class competition have to train a lot. The reason for this is that their bodies have to be accustomed to the strenuous activity that their sport requires. If the body is pushed beyond its capacity, it could be physically detrimental for the athlete. In recent news, there was a report of a tennis player that actually passed out in the middle of the game, right there on the tennis court! Sometimes these situations are caused by the different environment; such as, the athlete is not accustomed to the heat and humidity of the place where the competition is taking place. This is especially true at the Olympics because athletes from all over the world come to participate. Each athlete has the potential of not adapting to the new environment. Some athletes are not affected as much as others. Karate, for example, is an indoor sport and it is easier for those athletes to adapt. There have been several occasions during Olympic competitions where the competition was held up because an athlete experienced problems that did not allow him to continue. With some sports, it is even more important to be in excellent condition because it could be a matter of life or death. A scuba diver, for example, can actually die if he is not in good condition. If a scuba diver has a heart problem while he is scuba diving, he can pass out underwater and die. Not only is it important to be in good physical condition, but a scuba diver should be in good mental condition, too. A scuba diver must not panic at any point and should stay calm even if there is a problem. Some people actually pass out when they panic; this is caused by rapid breathing that happens when you panic. Because scuba divers are not breathing normal air, it is very dangerous to start to breath rapidly. Also, scuba divers should try on all of their equipment before diving. It is very important that a scuba diver has the correct piece of equipment for his or her body. Most dedicated athletes include some aerobic activities in their exercise programs. Aerobics are excellent for maintaining an athlete's body in good condition and should be a part of every athlete's routine.

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