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Letter of Invitation

Dear Tom Wild,

I am the student representative of the Central High School and I am writing to invite your group to a “Welcome Evening” at our school.

Central High School is set in a nice location on the hills. It is built within a vast enclosed park and it hosts 1500 students every year. It has an excellent reputation among the other schools for the seriousness and efficiency of the teaching methods, as well as for the competitiveness of our sport teams.

The “Welcome Evening” is going to take place on the 6th of June from 8.30 pm to 11 pm in the Main Hall of the school and, weather permitting, in the front garden. After a welcome drink, at about 9 o'clock the Director will make an opening speech which will be followed by a buffet dinner. The rest of the evening will be characterized by music and dancing as well as other entertainments.

Reaching the school from the town centre is very easy. You can take the Metro or a bus to King Station and then you will just need to follow King Street and then turn right in Belvedere Street. You will find the school at the end of the Belvedere, on your left.

We sincerely hope you will accept our invitation and please let un know how many of you will be joining us at least a couple of weeks before the event.

Best Regards.
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