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Come scrivere una cartolina

come scrivre una cartolina

Ecco una piccola guida che spiega come scrivere una cartolina a un amico in lingua inglese. Viene spiegato come scrivere una cartolina in inglese, con un esempio di post card riportato.

Lissone 11th February 2007
Dear Katia,
I’m on holiday in France. I’m staying in Nizza, a beautiful town on the coast. At the moment I’m relaxing in my room because I’m very tired. I swimm the whole day. Is wimm every day and at the night I’m going out with my new friends.
I met a new friends, theirs name are Jane, Jessica and Robert. They’re very funny. Jane is 14, Jessica is 17 and Robert is 15 years old, they are cousins. They come from Paris.
Last night we went to the pub. We had a very good time.
Are you having a good time in America? Are you meet new friends? Are you eating a lot of hamburger?
Write soon!

Katia de Marco
Via Naviglio
92027 Licata (AG)
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