Video appunto: Grant and Empower


To grant means to give permission or allow someone to do something. The word grant can also mean to give someone something they need, like a money donation or supplies to complete a task.
After Ashley had a car accident, her boss granted her two weeks off to recover. He wanted her to be fully healed before coming back to work.

Before you grant a large donation to any charity, do your research first. Some organizations use their money better than others, and you don't want your donation to go to waste.
When you grant someone permission, it means you are allowing them to do something. It is a synonym of the phrase give permission.
Haley worked so hard in school this semester that she achieved a 4.0 GPA. Her father was so proud that he granted her permission to drive the family car for a week.
Many mothers don't have time to do their food shopping on their own. So they will sometimes grant their children permission to buy food for the house.


To empower means to give someone the authority or power to do something. When you empower someone, you give them the courage, power, or inspiration to reach a goal or dream. You make them feel empowered.
The president's motivational speech empowered Josh to finally pursue his dream of becoming a professional scientist.
George is such a positive person that every time I'm around him I feel empowered to do my very best in life.
Something that is inspiring or empowers someone to do something is empowering. For example, a word of encouragement from a friend can be very empowering to someone trying to reach a different goal.
Nothing is more empowering than doing something you are really good at. It can make you feel like you can succeed in anything you do.
A great way to solve pretest anxiety or stress is to read something empowering. Just a small word of encouragement can be enough to give you peace and help you do your best.