Video appunto: Italics and Underline


The word italics refers to a style of print that slopes to the right. It is used to emphasize specific information.
I put that quote by Abraham Lincoln in italics. It is important to emphasize it because he was about to put his soldiers at risk and this speech became famous.
My professor said that she did not see italics in my research paper.
Therefore, she did not feel that I knew what the most important information was.
The word Italic can also be used to talk about anything to do with Italy. It usually refers to ancient times. Please note that it is capitalized.
The Italic languages are ancient and beautiful. Not many people can claim one as their mother tongue.
The clay bowl had Italic writing along its rim. It will make a beautiful accent piece to add to my collection.


The word underline means to draw a line underneath writing. The line is meant to highlight information or to indicate a title.
Don't forget to underline the title of the novel when you are writing about it. Resist the urge to hurry through to avoid mistakes.
I have left you a list of things to do, and I have underlined the most important chores. You will get a reward when you complete it all.
The word underline can also refer to information that you are pointing out or emphasizing verbally.
The lawyer's comments underlined the facts that led to his conviction. It was impossible to refute the facts he shared with the jury.
Make sure you underline the importance of going to the party when you speak to your mum about it. Ask her to listen before responding.