Video appunto: Precipitate and Impose


When one incident comes directly before another incident, you would say the first situation precipitated the other. To precipitate means to suddenly cause a situation, usually an undesirable one but not always.
Ex: The unexpected football victory for West Ham precipitated an argument between Carl and Nikki.
Carl was a long¬time West Ham fan, while Nikki had always preferred Manchester City.
Ex: The principal's decision to host a full week of celebration precipitated a huge mess in school, as students took advantage of the decision by eating junk food and candy in the halls.
Another way to express an event that precipitates another is to say that one thing gives rise to another. Therefore, the phrase give rise to is a synonym for the word cause.
Ex: Our family dog Betsy is sweet but clumsy. Her accidents often give rise to arguments in the house because someone is always blamed for breaking something Betsy knocked over.
Ex: Josh's decision to build an extra room on the house gave rise to a lot of excitement, as we all planned how we would use the new space, such as playing games or watching movies.


To impose means to force someone to accept an idea or person. If you impose yourself on someone, you demand their attention or force them to accept your company. To impose an idea is to force them to accept a thought or decision.
Ex: It is a good idea to wait for an invitation to a party so you don't impose on the host by being an unexpected guest.
Ex: Josh is very unpopular at the office because he always imposes his ideas on others and never listens to the thoughts of his co¬workers.
A thing that is imposed on someone is called an imposition. An imposition can be the thing or person that is being forced upon the people involved.
Ex: When Maria came over to our house at midnight asking to join us for dinner, my wife complained about the imposition and asked her to call before she came again.
Ex: Jake loves to travel across the world visiting his friends on different continents. But he has learned to book hotel rooms in each city to avoid being an imposition on his friends.