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When you tie something, you are binding or fastening it with a rope or string that has been brought together and knotted. Or tying may refer to simply bringing together two pieces of rope or string and knotting them.
Ex: My son spent so much of his youth wearing shoes with either velcro closures or stretchy laces that he didn't learn how to tie his shoes until he was ten years old.
Ex: The last thing we had to do when setting up our campsite was using a rope to tie our food bundle up high, hanging from a branch, to keep bears away from it.
When people get married, they say that they are going to tie the knot. When they get held up or delayed because they were involved in some urgent activity, they say they were tied up.
Ex: It was a really wonderful Thanksgiving holiday, made even more so when my nephew announced that he and his girlfriend had decided to tie the knot! I know they'll be very happy together.
Ex: I explained to my five o'clock class that I was late because I'd gotten tied up trying to make the copies for their class when the copier stopped working.


If you connect things or bring them in contact, you have joined them. Join can also mean to come into contact or union with something.
Ex: It was a beautiful evening, and as Kelly and I strolled along next to the canal, we joined hands. It felt like the first of many happy times together.
Ex: Since there were no jobs available, and Edwin didn't think university was a good choice for him, he joined the United States Air Force, and served for six years.
If you want to let someone know that you, along with many others, have experienced the same thing that he or she has just experienced, you would say join the club. When two individuals or groups pool their efforts towards a united cause, you say that the two have joined forces.
Ex: After I lost my job, I met my friend Phil down at the unemployment office. I told him what had happened to me, and he said, "Join the club! I've been out of work for months."
Ex: Last month, our English class and Mrs. Lopez' global history class joined forces to create a project that explored the literature and history of 19th¬century England

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