Video appunto: Discipline and Subject


A discipline is a particular branch or area of study or knowledge. This is a term used most often in reference to higher education.
Some people get as far as preparing their university applications without having a clear idea of which discipline they would like to study. It is important to do your research and decide early on which course you want to apply for.

The debate featured professors from a variety of disciplines, including biology, ethics, religion, and philosophy departments.
Self-discipline is an expression that means controlling one's urges or desires. If a person is self-disciplined, for instance, they have good control over themselves. Self-discipline is associated with personal improvement.
In order to lose that much weight, Frank has had to exert a lot of self-discipline over the last few months. He is very pleased with the results.
Some people say it takes 3 weeks to break a habit. I believe it takes a huge amount of self-discipline to do so.


A subject is a course of study or area of study. The subject of a book, a speech, a lecture, etc. is its central theme or idea.
Many people would say that history was not their favorite subject in school, but they become much more interested in the topic as they grow older.
The subject of the keynote speech given at the conference this weekend was how to improve your sales in spite of an economic slump.
A taboo subject is a topic which is not supposed to be discussed because it is considered socially unacceptable or inappropriate to do so. This expression may also be used simply as taboo.
In my grandmother's house we have all learned that her first husband is a taboo subject, so no one knows very much about her early married life.
I wanted to ask you about the possibility of raises at the annual corporate meeting, but even though the company has emerged from severe financial trouble, the subject is taboo.