Video appunto: Headhunter and Laid Off


A headhunter is a person who searches for candidates to fill an open position with his or her company. Usually, a headhunter will work for several different companies to fill their vacancies.
James is the new headhunter for his firm of accountants. He travels to different cities across the United Kingdom to find the right employees for the company's London office.

If you are having trouble balancing your workload and finding time to hire new employees, consider hiring a headhunter. They can do the hard work of interviewing for you and help you make better hiring decisions.
A synonym for the word headhunter is recruiter. A recruiter is someone who usually works for a specific company and seeks out candidates to fill vacant positions.
Bill has always wanted to work for the military. So, when he heard that they were looking for new soldiers, he called the military recruiter to express his interest in the job.
To be a strong recruiter, you have to have good people skills. If you want to encourage someone to accept a job with your company, you have to make them like you first.

Laid Off

When a person gets laid off, it means the company is experiencing financial trouble and have to lose an employee or employees to stay stable. A company will lay someone off when there is no longer enough money to pay that employee. In British English, they use the phrase be or make redundant.
John was laid off from his job at the factory yesterday. His family will have to move to a smaller home until he can find a job at a new company.
Being made redundant is one of the hardest experiences a person can go through. However, it can lead to bigger and better things if you find a new career path to follow.
To cut a position means to lay someone off. A company will usually cut positions when they do not have enough money to pay everyone.
John's position at the office was cut when the company decided to lay off all extra sales people. They ended up cutting over ten jobs in one week.
The computer shop had trouble making sales last year. They had to cut about 100 jobs just to stay in business.