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A consul is a type of representative of his or her country in a foreign country. They usually work to protect the citizens of their country in the foreign country, speak for their country's interests there, and organize visas and other documents. While a country usually only sends one ambassador to the capital of another country, there may be several consuls in several major cities.
Lower¬level work in the diplomatic corps is pretty boring, but I would love to be an ambassador or at least a consul some day. It would be nice to represent the country publicly.
The mayor actually met with the Korean consul the other day. The Korean government is very interested in promoting cooperation between Korean companies and San Francisco City Hall.
The job or position of a consul is a consulship. The place where the consul works is an office called a consulate. These are usually in major cities and are under the direction of the embassy.

After working for several years in the embassy, Mr. McCartan became a consul. His consulship will last four years.
Thanks to the new visa reforms, we don't have to go to the embassy in London we can apply for a visa right here at the consulate in Edinburgh.


A diplomat is any representative of his or her country in a foreign country. We also use diplomat figuratively to describe someone who is especially polite or good at resolving conflicts.
Carl studied international relations and language because he wanted to be a diplomat. He doesn't care if he works in an embassy or a consulate as long as he gets to travel.
Nick is such a diplomat! He never wants to offend anyone and tells them exactly what they want to hear.
Diplomat is the noun and we use diplomatic as an adjective to describe someone who is very polite and delicate. The adverb would be diplomatically.
Sal was being very diplomatic about the whole thing. He didn't ask her questions directly and waited for her to volunteer her opinion.
Dean asked rather diplomatically if he could suggest some different strategies. He wanted her to change direction but didn't want to seem bossy or demanding.

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