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The word foot refers to a unit of length that is made up of twelve inches or approximately 30 centimeters. It is derived from the length of a human foot.
Ex: I am almost six feet tall. My family values height as we all play basketball and would like to remain competitive.
Ex: That tray is one foot long. I do not think you will be able to carry all the brushes, combs, and other hair accessories without more space.
The phrase foot soldier refers to a soldier in the army. It is also used as a slang phrase meaning low level worker or follower.
Ex: Foot soldiers were the ones who traditionally sustained the most injuries in war. They were the front line in most battles.
Ex: I just feel like a foot soldier at work. My boss does not treat me like my time is worthwhile, and I do not think I am valued.


The word mile refers to a unit of distance on land or water. It is primarily used in English speaking countries and equals to about 1.6 km.
Ex: Can you drop me at school today? It is five miles away, so I do not want to walk. Driving is the wiser choice.
Ex: A marathon is just over twenty-six miles long. For that type of race, it is best to take your time and not rush to finish.
The common phrase missed by a mile means to fall short or fail to accomplish a goal.
Ex: Your paper missed by a mile! It was not very smart to ignore the directions and guidance that the professor gave.
Ex: The ball missed the goal by a mile. The player that everyone worships just lost the playoff game for our team.
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