Video appunto: Board and Room Service


In hotel terms, board means daily meals. Full board includes breakfast, lunch and an evening meal. Half Board includes breakfast and evening meal (no lunch).
The hotel that we stayed at provided us with full board, so we were able to enjoy our holiday without worrying about buying meals.
When we went to Disneyland, we decided to save some money and buy the half board plan at the hotel.
We could buy food for lunch at the shop.
In organizations or businesses, a board is a group of people that have the power to supervise, manage, or advise the organization.
The board of directors voted to raise the insurance premiums of the employees for the second time in two years. This made the employees angry.
The board of examiners announced that 80% of the medical students were able to pass the exam this year. That was a much better result than they saw last year.

Room Service

Room service is the service given to hotel guests when they have food and drinks brought to their rooms.
I think we're all too tired to get dressed up and go out to a restaurant. Let's order room service instead. We can see the town tomorrow.
The hotel provides room service to all its guests, but the hotel restaurant closes at 11 p.m. so you must order your meal before 10 p.m.
Service is any kind of work done for someone else. Curb service is provided by some restaurants, meaning they will bring food to people who are waiting in their cars. Self-service means you serve yourself, usually at a restaurant or gas station.
Jim liked to go to the few restaurants in town that offered curb service, so he could relax in his car while waiting for his meal.
All the petrol stations in this town are self¬service. That means that there are no attendants, so you have to pump the fuel yourself.