Video appunto: Go Through The Roof and Box Office

Go Through The Roof

The expression go through the roof is an informal one that means to exceed previous expectations or heights or to go above normal levels of expectation. Go through the roof can also mean become angry or show anger.
When the ballerina concluded her final scene, the applause from the audience went through the roof.
They know about her recovery from a disabling accident the previous year.
When he saw that gas prices were through the roof, he decided it would be better to postpone his trip until the markets settled.
If you hit the roof, you are angry about something that has occurred and show your displeasure.
Dad is usually very calm, but when I told him about the broken window, he hit the roof, letting me know just how much it would cost to replace.
The professor was already in a bad mood after marking the students' exam papers over the weekend, so when more than 25% of his students arrived late to class, he hit the roof.

Box Office

A box office is the place where you buy tickets for a performance or a film. They are usually located near the entrance of a theater or concert hall.
When I arrived at the theater, I still didn't have a ticket, so I had to go to the box office and buy one there.
We used to get discounted tickets to all of the best movies because my sister worked at the movie theater. Whenever she was at the box office, she would give us a discounted rate.
When we talk about the success or failure of a commercial film, we talk about how it does at the box office, meaning how many tickets were sold for it.
Some films do poorly at the box office, but gain a cult following later. In other words, very few people see them in cinemas, but a lot of people watch the film at home and become fans.
Hollywood action films usually do well at the box office, even though their plots are very simple and ordinary. Many people go to the movies to be entertained, not to think very hard.