Roles, responsibilities and functions of family members

Roles of the father
- he is the head of the famil.
- he is the family breadwinner. He works and earns money for the family.
- he provides for the family's needs such as shelter/house, food, clothing, school fees, etc.
- he disciplines the family members.
- he acts as a model for his children by showing them good examples.
- he shows love to family members and protects them.
- he teaches his children the culture of the society for example respect for elders.
- he protects his family members.

Roles of the mother
- she bears the children.
- she prepares food for the family.
- she cares for the house and family clothing.
- she loves and cares for all family members.
- she may also go out to work and contribute to family income with father.
- she takes care of the simple needs of the family.

- she helps the husband in teaching their children the culture of the society.
- she acts as a model for her daughters by showing them good examples.

Roles of the children

- respect and obey their parents and other adults in the society.
- help their mother with household work, for example cleaning the house, washing plates, caring for younger ones, fetching water or running other errands.
- work with parents in the farm where such exists.
- learn the culture of the society.
- love themselves and their parents.
- they carry the name of the family.
The whole family, the father, the mother and children must always try to cooperate and work as a strong team. The father is the leader. They should support each other and contribute to build a happy family. They should also be good citizens.

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