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If you are the director of something, you manage or oversee the actions of others for an organization. A director must tell others what to do.
The company's director conducted annual reviews of each employee's performance, in order to ensure that maximum efficiency was achieved.
I inquired with the directors of several local charities to see if they needed any volunteers at their holiday events. Our company would like to be involved in our community.
A director can be involved in business organizations, but the term is also use to describe the director of a film or play, or the director of an orchestra or band as the one who manages the different players to bring about an end result.
As it was his first time serving as a director of a film and not just as an actor, the celebrity was even more nervous about the reviews of his film.
The band director was extremely frustrated by the trumpet section, that just couldn't seem to get the timing of the piece correct during the evening practice.


Your superior is in a position above you; you report to him or her. A superior gives direction to those below him or her in the power or hierarchical structure.
I will have to ask Mr. Hodgens, as he is my superior in the department. I don't have the authority to make this decision myself.
Make sure you report to your superior officer upon your arrival at the barracks. We need all soldiers and personnel accounted for before midnight.
The term superior can be used as an adjective, meaning better or of higher quality.
I chose a superior fabric than what I had used previously, and the costumes for this years play look better than ever. I guess you get what you pay for.
My sister has always been more talented than me at golf. In all the years we have played together, her scores have always been superior to mine.

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