Video appunto: Phrasal verbs, different grades of nurses, specialization for nurses, roles and duties

Phrasal verbs

• to come across something/someone: incontrare casualmente qualcuno o notare casualmente qualcosa;
• to come out with: to publish, to produce, to make avaible oppure dire qualcosa verbalmente;
• to come under: essere classificato/categorizzato, essere parte di un Gruppo ma come sottoposto;
• to come up with: produrre un’idea o un suggerimento;
• to count on someone/something: dipendere da qualcuno/qualcosa;
• to crop up: succedere inaspettatamente/saltar fuori.

Domanda aperta su infermieri

Different grades of nurses:
1) Student nurse: still in training, sta ancora studiando
2) Staff nurse: completed training, ha completatato il training
3) Charge nurse: in charge of (=responsible for) a ward (reparto) or department; sometimes still called “sister”
4) Nurse manager: nurse in charge of several wards; may be referred to as “matron”.
Specialization for nurses:
1) Midwife: specializes in midwifery (ostetrica)
2) District nurses: visit patients at home
3) Health visitors: give advice on promoting health and preventing illness.
Roles and duties:
1) General patient care
2) Checking temperature, pulse rates and blood
3) Changing dressings, giving injections, removing sutures
4) Prescribing drugs, ordering laboratory tests and (in some places) minor surgery