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A conviction is a firmly held belief or an opinion. Conviction can also be used to refer to the feeling that what you say or believe is true.
Ex: One of Bert's convictions was that the only way to have a successful career and a successful relationship was to make sure that one set aside enough time for selfcare.
Ex: Veronica made the sale because the customer was impressed by the conviction in her voice when she described her personal experience with the product.

In legal and law enforcement contexts, conviction refers to the act or process of finding someone guilty for a crime.
Ex: Since the prosecutor knew that she didn't have enough evidence for a conviction, she asked the judge to dismiss the case with permission to refile the charges if more evidence was found.
Ex: After his conviction, Merle insisted that he was innocent, and he urged his lawyer to appeal his case.


Skepticism means an attitude of doubt, either in general or towards a specific object. Skepticism often refers to doubt or disbelief of religious with regard to a religion. British people usually spell it scepticism.
Ex: An educated consumer will respond to advertising claims that seem too good to be true with a healthy dose of skepticism and conduct more research to see if there is any truth behind such claims.
Ex: The mayor's plan to improve the quality of state schools while cutting costs was met with widespread scepticism.
A person who tends to question or doubt all accepted opinions is a skeptic. The adjective form of the word is skeptical, which is used to describe someone who is not easily convinced. In British English they are spelled sceptic and sceptical.
Ex: Paul supports the initiative to extend the metro to the airport in principle, but the skeptic in him wonders if it can be achieved at a lower cost.
Ex: My tutor is confident that I will get an academic job without any trouble, but I'm quite sceptical because I know there are very few job openings and so many candidates.
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