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A barricade is a structure used to prevent people or vehicles from entering a building or street. It is generally defensive in nature. To barricade is to place an obstruction to defend a place.
Ex: The state department of transportation used concrete barriers to create a barricade blocking the lane of traffic that was under repair, so drivers had no room to pass other cars.
Ex: My sister and I did our best to drive our older brother crazy. When we knew he was ready to come after us, we'd barricade ourselves in our bedroom by dragging a chest of drawers in front of the door.
Circle the wagons is a defensive tactic used by American pioneers who traveled across the country in wagon trains in the 1800s. When they saw Indians attacking, they would form a circle with the wagons to create a barricade against the attackers. Today, the phrase is used metaphorically.
Ex: In the early 60s, Wagon Train was a television show that depicted the struggle of pioneers who wanted to settle the West. In several episodes they had to circle the wagons to defend against attacks by unfriendly Indians.
Ex: When Adam's company was threatened by a competing business, he and his partners circled the wagons to create a defense that would help the company remain successful.


An affair is an incident or sequence of events, usually in a negative or scandalous sense. Between two people, an affair or love affair is a romantic relationship that is secret, usually because one or both of the partners are married to or dating someone else or otherwise can't date.
The Ministry took full responsibility for the bridge affair. The whole scandal involving bridge traffic was resolved within a week and the main minister resigned. I'm not surprised Mary and Giuseppe are getting a divorce. He had an affair with her friend years ago.
I'm just surprised it's taken this long.
To get your affairs in order is to take care of important tasks that are central to your life or business. A sad state of affairs describes a situation that is upsetting to you.
I have to go back to Durham for a few days to get my affairs in order before I can move to Plymouth for good. I need to sign some documents, close my bank account, and pick up the cat from my friend's house.
I popped over to Mike's house yesterday and it was a pretty sad state of affairs. He's obviously very depressed about the break-up with Melanie and hasn't left the house in days.
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