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When you accuse someone, it means you charge that person with having committed a crime. In general, it can mean any situation in which some specific person is blamed for something.
Ex: Randall McNulty was accused by the management of the Schmendrick Son Museum of Art of attempting to steal their priceless sculpture, "O, Vanity," by the noted sculptor, Frank Artanis.

Ex: When she saw that the last doughnut had been eaten, Shirley immediately accused her sister, Laverne, of eating it. Laverne protested her innocence, but Shirley knew it was her.
If you are in court facing charges, you might say that you stand accused of them. That phrase can also be used figuratively, with I stand accused often being a tacit admission of guilt.
Ex: Mr. Jonas J. Grumby, you stand accused before the court of the great state of New York of the crime of disturbing the peace. What say you to these charges?
Ex: Virgil looked deeply in Winona's eyes and said, "Darling, I stand accused of loving you, and I will admit my guilt. In the court of your heart, I'm guilty, and I'm ready to serve my time."


As a verb, blame means to assign responsibility for some negative act or situation. As a noun, it refers to the responsibility itself, and usually when someone accepts that responsibility, we say that person has taken the blame.
Ex: Although no one ever admitted that they had done it, Old Man Haskins blamed Johnny Whitaker for breaking his window that day, and glared at Johnny every time he saw him for years afterward.
Ex: While I knew that many others had done the same thing, I took the blame for the staff's use of the office copier for personal business. I told the manager that I would purchase several reams of paper for the office and would never do it again.
If you want to assign responsibility, you can also say that you have laid the blame or placed the blame.
Ex: Investigators have worked tirelessly to find the cause of the plane crash that killed five and injured nine others, and have now laid the blame on a faulty gauge on the pilot's control panel.
Ex: The coach knew that no one had played as well as they could, but my error was the most obvious of all, so he chose to place the blame on me for our loss this afternoon.
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