Video appunto: Brexit - summary
Brexit is one of the most pronunced words in the last three years. It’s made by two words: it’s the union of British and exit, in fact in 2016 there was a referendum, where British people voted to leave or remain in the EU. The result showed that there wasn’t a strong majority: 51,9% people voted to leave and the other 48,1% to remain.
It isn’t much, but is a majority anyway.
Nowadays, more than three years later the referendum, Brexit isn’t ended: the Parliament and the Prime Minister are still discussing about the way to leave the EU and they have to choose among three options: the first one is a “soft Brexit”, the UK leave the EU, but keeps commercial agreement. Nobody wants this.
The Parliament wants an “hard Brexit”, that means leave the EU without commercial agreement, but it takes some time.
The Prime Minister Boris Johnson wants to leave the EU immediately, without any agreement, because “Brexit means Brexit”, as said Theresa May. This third options is called “No deal”.

The parliament forced the PM to write a letter to the EU to ask for a delay in January 2020; he wrote the letter, but he didn’t sign it and then he sent another ones, where he told his disagreement with the first one.
The UK can leave the EU because article 50 allows it, but many people think the first referendum was unfair, because the 30% of young people didn’t vote, as British citizens living outside the UK, so somebody asks for another one.
Brexit could bring to restore the 300 miles’ border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. No one desires a new hard borders. The “Backstop” is a temporary solution that makes sure there’s a soft border between the two countries, untill a new deal is found.
Meantime EU approved the delay on 31th January required by the parliament, so the PM presented a motion in which he demanded early elections, but MP rejected it. At the end, they approved elections on 12th December 2019.
I think they need more time and when they will choose, there will be a transaction period, before Brexit gets completed. If there were to be another referendum, probably British people, annoyed by all this problems, would vote to remain.