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Something surreal is dreamlike or unreal. Observing something surreal may be disorienting.
Ex: My appearance on Who Wants to be a Millionaire was a surreal experience. A year later, I still find it difficult to believe that it actually happened.
Ex: Watching my infant grandson on FaceTime is surreal. I feel as though I am in the room with him, so turning to find myself in my own kitchen is a bit disorienting.
Surrealism is an artistic style in which objects appear distorted. Salvador Dali is the most recognized surrealist painter of the 20th century. The opposite of surrealism is realism, which depicts people and objects as they really are.
Ex: Salvador Dali's most familiar surrealist painting is The Persistence of Memory in which a number of clocks appear to be melting and are draped over other objects.
Ex: Most people prefer realistic art. It shows objects as they really appear, and it requires little interpretation on the part of the viewer.


Eccentric describes behavior that is outside of the ordinary or usual. An eccentric is a person who behaves differently from what is expected or usual.
Ex: Miss Havisham in Great Expectations behaved in an eccentric manner by wearing only the wedding dress she had on the day that she had been left at the altar decades prior to the beginning of Dickens' novel.
Ex: The North Woods Hermit is an eccentric by any definition. He lived alone for decades and survived by breaking into summer homes and stealing supplies for his survival.
In astronomy, eccentric refers to a planet's orbit that is not a perfect circle. On the other hand, eccentricity is the noun form and may refer to an unusual habit.
Ex: The Earth's orbit around the sun is nearly a perfect circle. Mercury, on the other hand, has the most eccentric orbit, deviating from a perfect circle more than any other planet.
Ex: Howard Hughes was an extremely wealthy and brilliant man most famously remembered for his eccentricities. He had a germ phobia and became a recluse who never cut his hair or fingernails.
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