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The first time I went to Brazil I was totally wordless. When I arrived at the airport, everything was lit in an explosion of bright, warm colors. I could feel the heat of the sun rays on my skin even if it was not a very sunny day. It did not matter which season it was, it would have always been a colorful place. Walking down among the streets I could catch different smells, fresh fruits, cooked fish and spices but even the smell of the saltiness in the wind. The sea's water was so pure that I could see the swimming fish and the shells gently resting on the sea bed. Everything was giving me a so deep sense of calm and peace. Passing in the country market I had the opportunity to touch a lot of tissues' textures, thick, thin, light, pierced, perforated, spring, summer or handmade. The houses were all smaller than what I was supposed to find there and the outside, they were very simple, quite more like bare, and most of them had the same shape. One floor houses or on maximum two floors. The doors were covered by long and light pieces of colored cloths, probably they had the duty of be curtains, which were moving a bit everywhere because of the wind, who came from the sea. The food had a different taste, not only for the fact that they cooked it in a different way from the European or for the fact that they used ingredients that I have never used in my life, but for the fact that it was chilling me. Eating it in this place made me feel the taste of the food in a different way, it was more tasty, filling, more delicious and welcoming. Everyone was kind and smiling, that was Brazil.

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