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Adobe is a building material often seen in the American southwest. It is a sun dried brick made of clay.
Ex: On my trip to Arizona, I was surprised to discover that the majority of houses that dominate the area are not made of adobe, since new building materials exist.
Ex: A large number of people were enslaved to make adobe bricks out of clay and mud. These were then baked in the sun until dried.
Today’s houses that are referred to as adobe homes are likely referring to a style of home rather than the actual construction material. An adobe home today is a reference to a southwest style or Santa Fe construction, but is often made of modern materials with a facade made to look like adobe.
Ex: I am looking to move out West for one year and I would love to rent an adobe style home so that I can experience living in a different architectural style than I do here in Boston.
Ex: Many people confuse the actual building material of adobe, which was used in the early years of western settlement and the adobe style which is still very familiar in the western United States.


Brick is a building material made of clay in a rectangular block. It is known for its strength and comes in many colors and is usually laid with a substance called mortar.
Ex: In the famous story of the three little pigs, the wisest of them builds a strong house made of brick that the wolf can't blow away.
Ex: The pavement will be far less dangerous to navigate in the evening once it is paved with brick. As it is now, it is very uneven and it is easy to stumble on.
Sometimes, the word brick can describe a block of something that is not a building material, such as brick of cheese or tamarind.
Ex: When you are at the grocery store, please check on the price of ice cream and bring home a brick or two if it is on sale.
Ex: I wanted to buy some tamarind for my Thai recipe, but I found out it was only sold in bricks, not in powder form.
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