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A short circuit is a mistake, or intentional design, in wiring that allows too much electricity to flow through part of a wire. When a device has a short circuit, it will often shut down to prevent the flow of too much power and thus damage to the device itself. If the device does not shut off, the excess electricity can damage or destroy the device.
Ex: My hair dryer is short circuiting, and only works when the cord is held in a certain direction. I need to buy a replacement.
Ex: Jane discovered that the power problems she was having with her laptop were only the result of a short circuit in her charger.
The term short circuit can be used figuratively to mean to frustrate or ruin someone's plans. For instances, you can short-circuit the plans someone has to give a surprise party by telling the guest of honor about it ahead of time.
Ex: Jill's plans for an afternoon picnic were short-circuited by the rain which had not been on the radar when she checked the weather the night before.
Ex: This disruption to the underground service could short-circuit my plans for the whole evening! I hope we start moving again in a couple of minutes.

Power Supply

A power supply is the source where energy is coming from. For example, the power supply for an air conditioner on the back of a food truck might be a generator. Without a power supply, electronic devices cannot work.
Ex: The power supply for my phone is a lithium battery. Unless I regularly recharge it, the device will shut down.
Ex: Cut off from any type of power supply, the young friends had to go all weekend with only books and conversation for entertainment. It turned out to be quite enjoyable.
The term electrical supply is normally used to mean a place where one can purchase electrical parts for repair or for use in electrical devices. In other words, you would visit the electrical supply store or simply electrical supply if you needed to rewire a lamp.
Ex: On his way to the electrical supply, Han remembered that he already had the type of cord he was searching for in his shed in the back garden.
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