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Worst holiday

It was the worst holiday Monika had ever had. She had never been outside her own country on a non-organized trip before. She usually booked her holidays through some travel agencies because she was that kind of person who wants everything planned at least six months before and who doesn’t like any last-minute surprises. Moreover, she always believed that an holiday, to be called such, had to be deprived of any kind of stress and so she always had the agency organizing all kind of holiday stuff, from the accomodation to the transportation.
But this year her husband asked for something different and had organized, by himself, a trip to an exotic island. His idea was to spend a relaxing time on some deserted white beach where, anyway, nothing "unexpected" should happen. Well, it didn’t quite go as they had expected.
It was like a nightmare. The beaches were packed with people and no one could speak, nor understand, their language. That became a problem when some issues arose with their accommodation on their second day on the island and they were charged for something Monika still hasn’t figured out. The day after that, an impressive thunderstorm hit the island and they were stuck inside the hotel for 3 days (one of which in an underground bunker); they couldn’t understand what was going on outside but they understood that they were kept locked-up for security reasons.
At the end of the week Monika was far more stressed than when they had left and she decided never to go on holiday in a foreign country so unprepared again.
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