Wooden and Cork Floor

Good quality wood is needed for floor finishing. There are different types of wooden floor finishes. These include:
a. Strip wood flooring which is made from strips of hardwood less than 10 cm wide.

b. Wood block flooring which is made from wood blocks.

c. Parquet flooring which is made from rectangular pieces of wood.
A wooden floor can be plain or even polished.

Advantages of a wooden floor:
1) it can be cheaper than other types of floor.
2) it is warm to the feet.
3) it can be made to look attractive if we'll maintained.
4) it can last long if made from good quality wood and if well maintained.

1) it can be easily damaged by moisture.
2) it is inflammable. This means that it can burn.
3) it can be damaged by pest.
4) it can be scratched with dragging of heaving objects.

Daily cleaning
- sweep to remove surface dust.

Weekly cleaning
a. Plain wood floor
- sweep the floor.
- scrub with a brush and soapy water following the grain of the wood.
- rinse and wipe dry thoroughly with clean cloth.

b. Polished wood floor
- sweep the floor.
- polish with correct floor wax.
- rub the polish thoroughly with non-fluffy cloth.

Cork Floor
Cork is cut and laid as tiles on concrete, stone or wooden base. Cork floor is not common. It is resilient or elastic. It is also absorbent.

1) it is warm to the feet.
2) it is noiseless.

1) it can absorb moisture.
2) it can easily be burnt.
3) it has little resistance to indentation.

Cleaning of cork floor
Daily cleaning:
i) Sweep with suitable broom to remove surface dust.
ii) Remove any stains.

Weekly cleaning:
i) sweep the floor.
ii) apply suitable floor wax.
iii) rub thoroughly.

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